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Amsterdam Titanic Boat Rental

From: 850.00


Catering possible

Has a roof

Heater on board

Music available

Toilet on Board






    Cruise around the canals with the Amsterdam Titanic boat rental!

    Amsterdam got itself a new treasure boating the waters. The Titanic is an authentic classic saloon ship made in 1927. The Titanic is an upgraded, historical saloon boat which nowadays serves as a multifunctional boat. The special aspect of this boat is that there is room for no less than 109 people.
    Furthermore, the Titanic is allowed to boat Het IJ. It means music can be played over speakers! Looking for your perfect trip? The only thing you have to do is to tell us what your demands are and we will make sure everything is arranged. Besides, don’t worry about the sailor, we deliver a skipper and a hostess.

    The history of the Titanic is quite interesting, it was built in 1927 and started taking passengers out on the water.
    Back in the day, the boat was named “Edelweiss”.
    During world war 2, the ship was taken down by the Russians so the Nazis were not able to use it anymore. Nowadays, after almost nog being in the water for a century. The ship can finally boat the waters of the beautiful city called Amsterdam.


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