Special Occasions

Amsterdam King’s Day

King’s Day is one of the best days in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is by far the place to celebrate. This holiday is in celebration of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, you could say it is the world’s largest birthday party. Everyone dresses in orange and takes to the streets, to the canals, everywhere! The population of Amsterdam significantly increases from almost 900,000 to 1.6 million people coming to the capital to partake in the festivities.

While the streets are filled with crowds of people, the best way to experience King’s Day is on your private canal boat! You and your friends will party like a local and drift down the world-famous waterways while having a blast! Each boat includes an experienced skipper and friendly boat hostess, making sure you and your guests are safe and so that you can focusing on having fun.

Experiencing King’s Day on a canal boat is truly the only way you can enjoy the day to the fullest. Make your boat the best boat of the day by adding a BBQ chef and a DJ to be on board with you, simply inform the booking agent and they will add it for you. Being in Amsterdam for King’s Day is a bucket list experience and your friends at home will be so jealous while they see you decked in your best orange outfit and having the time of your life.



Amsterdam Pride

This is one of the greatest gay events in the world! Everyone dresses in rainbow colours and there is a spectacular canal parade that goes through the entire city. Of course, the best place to see all of the magnificent floats, in their array of colours and designs, is from a canal boat! You and your friends can dance the day away with a city filled with people celebrating love.

Each boat includes an experienced skipper and friendly boat hostess to ensure that your experience is safe and for you and your friend to focus on having fun! You can also add additional entertainment and catering to your boat so that you can have the best boat on the canals. Pride is one of the biggest events in Amsterdam and being on a canal boat is the best way to experience all of its fun!


Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is from November 28, 2020, through January 19, 2021. Light installations are scattered throughout the city, and the best way for you to experience them is from the comfortable seat in a canal boat. The installations are designed by architects, artists and designers from around the world. Curl up with your friends or loved ones and drift down the beautiful canals and see the breathtaking light show.

This is the perfect way to spend the evening with friends, colleagues or family. Drifting down the canals is a soothing and relaxing experience while discovering the different light installations throughout the canals.

Catering is also available during a cruise of the Light Festival. Imagine floating down the canals and enjoying a four-course dinner or tapas with drinks with your colleagues. Anything is possible. The Light Festival truly makes Amsterdam a magical wonderland and the best way to experience it is on a canal boat.